Our Therapists


If so far our services sound like the right match for you, our next step is to find you the perfect therapist! We have found in our experience, which is supported by research, that one of the most important factors for therapy to be effective is a positive match between the client and therapist. We recommend that you work with a professional who makes you feel safe, at ease, and like you can be yourself. 

Let us help you get paired with someone right for you!​

Alyssa Ashenfarb, LCSW


Warm, genuine, and insightful: Alyssa radiates positive energy and kindness upon meeting her. You automatically know that you are in good hands, with a skilled clinician and a thoughtful soul. Dedicated to working with all people with mindfulness and sensitivity, Alyssa will walk with you through your challenges, with patience and care...

Mollie Eliasof, LCSW


Determined, dedicated, and passionate: Mollie brings her full self to this work. Driven for people to feel whole from the inside out, Mollie founded Mollie Eliasof Therapy with the hopes that people could have more space to thrive by exploring their emotional wellness in a place that was safe and filled with integrity...

Jacqueline McIntosh, LCSW


Patient, thoughtful and attentive: Jacqueline believes in creating harmony among people by exploring what is most meaningful to them. She promotes honesty, commitment, and integrity through an atmosphere of self-exploration and learning. She allows herself to be intrigued and drawn-in by the experiences that are shared with her...