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Individual therapy is a space for you to explore the barriers in your life and develop new tools to move forward, towards a happier, more fulfilled self. We recognize that everyone has their own stumbling blocks, so ME Psychotherapists collaborate with you to create an individualized and custom approach for your specific needs. By staying true to the values that you hold, combined with our knowledge base and expertise, we will move closer to your goals, constantly taking steps towards where you want to go.


We support individuals in exploring a variety of challenges. These include but are not limited to the following:

Individual Therapy: ME Time

If you do not see what you are hoping to speak about, please call or email us. We are happy to speak further about where you are hoping to go and how we can help you get there.


During our free 15 minute consultation phone call, our talented mental health professionals will walk you through exactly how we can be of help to you! If we are not the right match, we promise to point you in the right direction, providing you with the resources you need to make the best you.


Career Counseling


Coping Skills

Social Anxiety

Sports Performance

Anger/Frustration Tolerance








Women's Issues

Men's Issues





Relationship Issues

Dating Barriers

Stress Management


Life Transitions

School Issues



Postpartum Recovery

Body Image and Eating Disorders

Trauma and PTSD

Sexual Intimacy Barriers

Executive Functioning Skills

Executive Coaching