Group Therapy: Us Time

Explore Together

Enrich the therapeutic process by collaborating with others who seek to explore the same topics and concerns as you. ME Group Psychotherapists facilitate a space where you will build a community, listen to others going through what you are, and gain insights from sharing proven strategies as well as learning new ones.

Current Groups:

Women's Self-Esteem Group: Join us Tuesdays 6:30PM @ W 56th St


Learn how to enhance self-esteem by quieting your inner critical voice. Allow me to help you develop assertive communication skills, increase your confidence, and get rid of your self-doubt. This group is exclusive to women and will be held on Tuesdays 6:30PM at our 333 W 56th St (suite 1D) office.

Healing Through Connection: Join us Mondays 1:30PM @ W 56th St


It is common for parents with mental health issues to have children who wind up feeling misunderstood, deprioritized, and alone. When this translates to adulthood, it can impact security and trust in relationships, and can make it feel impossible to feel whole and connected. Learn what it feels like to be validated, seen and heard by peers not only experiencing something similar, but also who are looking for connection just like you. Allow this group to help you understand why the loneliness you feel is happening, and how to create deeper meaning in relationships through connection, empathy and awareness. Please join us at 1:30pm on Monday afternoons at 333 W 56th St, Suite 1D.