Group Therapy: Us Time

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Enrich the therapeutic process by collaborating with others who seek to explore the same topics and concerns as you. ME Group Psychotherapists facilitate a space where you will build a community, listen to others going through what you are, and gain insights from sharing proven strategies as well as learning new ones.

Rid your worries: Anxiety 101 Mondays at 12PM Join us Mondays at 12 pm for tips and tricks on how to manage your worries and create a more stress free life.



Stress is a common reaction to everyday life, but too much stress can often feel overwhelming. We even can find stress affecting us both physically and emotionally. The good news is that we can empower you with the right skills and tools, so you can learn to overcome stress and anxiety, and live a more carefree, happy and fulfilled life.


*Become an expert in understanding stress and how it affects your mind and body


*Develop advanced stress management techniques


*Learn coping tools to conquer stress and feel more at peace, both physically and mentally

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